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Here is how to do it. While that behavior is as designed for non-administrator roles, administrators are expected to be able to log on. The Citrix X1 Mouse started as a prototype, so manufactures of hardware could take it up and start to develop their own. 0. Please restart this machine and if this problem persists, see Citrix Knowledge but remains unregistered with the Broker (with or without attempting to register). 2015 Citrix Xendesktop 7. 11 and XenApp 7. In a Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops service deployment, VDAs register with Cloud Connectors. controller svrctxddc01. This is the fourth installment of the XenDesktop PoC guide, where we create a XenDesktop 7 machine catalog. By using virtualization along with pre-validated IT platforms, enterprise customers have embarked on the journey to the cloud by moving away from application silos and toward shared infrastructure that can be quickly deployed, thereby increasing agility and reducing costs. Just remember to install Citrix Machine Identity Service on the Additional Components page, because we’ll use Machine Creation Services in the The VDA logs problems with registration in its event log, as shown in the following example: A custom view can be created by selecting Citrix Desktop Service and Citrix ICA service as Source. And when I go to “Services” on my server I can see that the Citrix Desktop Service is not running. The Citrix ICA Service service failed to start due to the following error: The service did not respond to the start or control request in a timely fashion. Upgrade to XenDesktop 7. Note that the STA (Service) is also part of the Broker Service, and has been as of Presentation Server 4. Update the DDCs' VDA registration Port. xml files are recreated after restarting the license server allowing the Citrix Licensing Service to successfully start and the Citrix License Server to function normally. 6. If that does not ring a bell, you access them like \\hostname\c$. What the script does is check for any unregistered VMs that are not in Maintenance Mode and has not recently booted up. If the cache doesn’t already exist WEM doesn’t seem to check with the WEM server. 6 VDA also has this behavior. 6 VDA by way of Electronic Software Delivery (ESD) models. Look for events with the source of "Citrix Desktop Service". The Citrix Desktop Service successfully registered with delivery . contoso. This is a major release that contains new version of many new software components. If you don’t see successful registration, then you’ll need to fix the ListOfDDCs registry key. 20 Feb 2013 There are a lot of questions about how-to register the VDA to the Before you continue, restart on all DDC's the “Citrix Broker Service” service. a. The service will now attempt to register again. Broker. The administrator needs the machines in the Server OS group to restart at a time when NO users will be accessing them: beginning at 23:00h (11PM) each day The Citrix X1 Mouse is made for the user that wants to be on the move on his or hers mobile devices. Just had to domain network firewall. VDA registration uses Kerberos mutual authentication, where the client (VDA) must prove its identity to the service (Controller). SDK. This contains a new BrokerAgent. 1 Apr 2012 Virtual Desktop Agent unregistered in XenDesktop “ListOfDDCs”key in the registry and restarting the Citrix Desktop Agent on the Windows 7  16 Oct 2014 I'm still investigating if the 7. Every VDI deployment has a few hitches. nl/downloads/citrix-cloud/product-software/xenapp-and- xendesktop- Select the services that you want to use / integrate, Click on Next Click on Finish to Restart the machine. Since the introduction of FMA, VDA restart schedules in Citrix Studio have been very limited allowing for one schedule either once weekly or else daily at one specific time with the option to restart half the Delivery Group between two different times. The service will now try to register with controllers at a reduced rate of every 2 minutes. Fix Unknown Power State for vmWare hosted VMs in XenDesktop 7. 3. The work around is to restart the “Citrix Desktop Service” on the impacted server. Answer: A QUESTION 10 Scenario: A Citrix Engineer wants to secure the Virtual Delivery Agent (VDA) communication by enabling end-to end encryption within an existing XenApp and XenDesktop environment. It is composed of two key components, the VDA Service and the HDX Service. MachineInternalState (Citrix. Update the Value to reflect the new port. This should give you some good info. This Q&A with Alastair Cooke reveals common VDI problems and how to solve them. Which step must the engineer take to ensure that XenDesktop can be fully licensed? A. Hi Urbankaos, Thank you for the reply, Yeah for external access we should have netScalar. On the machine where the VDA is installed: 1. 25 sept. The Citrix License Server is NOT communicating over port 27000. MachineName (System. If a VM meets the criteria the script attempts to restart, or start, the Citrix VDA Services on the VM. 7. exe. Event log messages about these attempts will be suppressed until the repetition has stopped for at least 10 minutes. registry keys in the WOW6432node and restarted the VDA Agent service. If you have a PVS environment and you have redirected the WEM cache to the persistent drive use a startup task to refresh the cache, force restart the Norskale Agent Host Service, and start netlogon after. Then check the event viewer (Windows Logs > Application). How to install Citrix VDA (Virtual Delivery Agent) for XenDesktop 7. By using virtualization along with pre-validated IT platforms, customers of all sizes have embarked on the journey to “just in time capacity” using this new technology. 8 and XS 6. config on the VDA and CdsController. Citrix cannot guarantee that problems resulting from the incorrect use of the Registry Editor can be solved. It provides the essential functionality required to effectively manage, maintain, and optimize all virtual desktop connections, enabling organizations’ IT teams to provide users with the best performance and ease of use. 6 is available now C. 1. 6, XenDesktop 5. Navigate to the Settings tab and select "Control Registration Port". Alternatively, these events can be found in Application event long. 7, and Windows 10 and show what differences they bring to the process. The engineer tested the connectivity between the Delivery Controller and SQL server by doing a ping test and verifying the firewall rules. Citrix certification 1Y0-311 exam dumps questions cover all the following 1Y0-311 real exam topics. 14 or later. Back up the registry before you edit it. The second reply helped me and i was able to login to the StoreFront site through Receiver for Web. Not possible at this servers in citrix PVS farm randomly going into an unregistered state. 15 CU1 , we got into another issue by upgrading to Citrix 7. Create a new Citrix Machine policy or edit an existing one. We want to use Windows Server 2008R2 to deliver STATIC Desktops with Disk changes saved to local disk. When configuring TLS on a VDA manually, you grant generic read access to the TLS certificate's private key for the appropriate service on each VDA: NT SERVICE\PorticaService for a VDA for Windows Desktop OS, or NT SERVICE\TermService for a VDA for Windows Server OS. xml and the activation_state. The Citrix Desktop service. Event ID: 7036. We had the problem that our scheduled reboots for a Delivery Group under XenDesktop 7. Desktop Delivery Controller is the component of Citrix XenDesktop that enables you to deliver virtual desktops to your users. The Citrix Desktop Service cannot connect to the delivery controller . Virtual Desktop Agent unregistered in XenDesktop While setting up my XenDesktop lab environment I came across the regular errors. graphical interface to install the Self-Service Password Reset Service . If that does not work it can send an email alerting you of the issue, in case you are not looking at Director. VDA becomes Unregistered a quick fix is to restart the 'Citrix Desktop Service' on the VDA the eventlog of your delivery controller and your unregistered vda? The VDA logs problems with registration in its event log, as shown in the following example: A custom view can be created by selecting Citrix Desktop Service and Citrix ICA service as Source. No pattern, just all of a sudden we notice that a server will be unregistered and it's still trying to process logins or the people on the server lock up. If you restart the Virtual Delivery Agent machine, or restart the Citrix Desktop Service… In Windows Logs > Application log, you should see an event 1012 from Citrix Desktop Service saying that it successfully registered with a controller. [#LC4290] A timeout was reached (30000 milliseconds) while waiting for the Citrix ICA Service service to connect. 1 using Provisioning Services (PVS) 7. 6 (Part 4) Installing and Configuring Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop 7. Once the Broker service is restarted, restart the Desktop Service on the affected VDA(s) and validate they successfully register. 8. 1 Setting up a Basic XenDesktop 5 Proof Of Concept – Setting up a Basic XenDesktop 5 Proof Of Concept – Corruption of Filesystem Occurs After Veeam Backup Setting Up Citrix Access Gateway VPX 5. Select "OK". The current industry trend in data center design is towards shared infrastructures. A while back, I worked on a project where the customer required the use of a Write Cache drive and a Personal vDisk (PvD Recently I worked on a project where the customer required the use of a Write Cache drive and a Personal vDisk (PvD) drive with XenDesktop 7. Get-BrokerMachine returns an object for each matching desktop. VDAs that are not registered with a Delivery Controller are not  https://www. 4. Not this time, however. This article will show the same process as the originals but use XenDesktop 7. And those policies are configurable in the Active Directory and in the Desktop Read more… Troubleshoot VDA Registration with this great tool from Citrix. Director can do it in Platinum, third party tools can also do it and even take action for example to force restart desktops when they are unregistered for a certain amount of time Introduction. 2018-10-10. In this post, we’ll learn the steps to install Citrix VDA (Virtual Delivery Agent) for Citrix XenDesktop 7. 6 (Part 5) If you would like to receive notifications about my future Citrix tutorials and best practices articles, sign up for updates here! C:\\Program Files(x86)\\Citrix\\Licensing\\ls\\conf directory on a 64-bit Restart the license server. The Broker Agent communicates with the Broker to enable the brokering of sessions. The Citrix Audio Redirection Service service entered C. This set of posts, Passing the 1Y0-203 exam with 1Y0-203 Dumps Questions, will help you answer those questions. Use the Registry Editor at your own risk. Admin. 1e. config on the Controller, and then restart both. Broker Agent Component on the Linux VDA machine providing the desktop to be delivered. But no luck with receiver directly, it says the account cannot be registered when i try to give Store's base URL. But what's Oh – the VDA is still unregistered with a “! The Citrix Desktop Service was reused a connection to the delivery controller  The Issue: Desktops are incorrectly being shown as unregistered and Not Available in We suggest restarting the Citrix Desktop Service, that should help in  7 May 2019 Studio showing Virtual Desktops as Unregistered is a familiar sight The restart of the VM would cause the overflow cache disk to clear Running the usual Scout and other VDA troubleshooting techniques showed nothing was wrong. – Restart the NPS. We may know the status of the VDA agent machines, obtaining aside VDA machines that have problems with the registration Delivery Controller, y también […] 8. 6 broker service Citrix Feature Pack 1 for XenApp 6. config file to match the name and path. Scenario: A Citrix Engineer is troubleshooting a database-related issue in a XenDesktop Site. Citrix have released a new version of Citrix XenDesktop & XenApp 7. The Broker Service is NOT running on the Delivery Controllers. Let’s check the VDA-Event-Log: The Citrix Desktop Service was reused a connection to the delivery controller ‘win10-multi-01. Machine. Unregistered VDAs typically mean more contention for resource however you look at it. It does this by communicating with the VDA Citrix Desktop Service, a. This can be named anything but you will need to adjust the value defined in the WorkstationAgent. The current industry trend in data center design is towards small, granularly expandable hyperconverged infrastructures. 13 Feb 2018 In situations where the VDA's status shows as Unregistered in Another reason for the service not starting is that the startup type is set to  Troubleshooting Virtual Desktop Agent Registration with Controllers in "The Citrix Desktop Service failed to register with any controllers in the last 2 minutes. Remove the stale registry entries from License Server D. Next to XenDesktop, click Start On the left side of the screen click on Delivery Controller Select I have read, understand, and accept the terms of the license agreement and click Next I have already setup a Citrix License Server and a StoreFront server in my environment. exe, which is part of the desktop as well as server VDA. Change the product Edition in Citrix Studio C. MachineInternalState) The internal state of the machine; reported while the machine is registered to a controller, plus some private Citrix Broker Service states while the machine is not registered. String) DNS host name of the machine. The details of the four most recent event log entries are: Citrix. The Citrix Desktop Service failed to register with any controllers in the last 2 minutes. Restart the License Server. Citrix Provisioning Services (PVS) allows you to have a single instance image management of your XenApp and/or XenDesktop VMs – otherwise known as desktop management nirvana! This means you onl y have to update a single image which is then streamed to hundreds, or thousands of desktops. vcex file - Free Exam Questions for Citrix 1Y0-311 Exam. Verify the host name entry in the license file Answer: A QUESTION 102 A Citrix Administrator wants to use NetScaler Gateway to allow external users to access internal resources securely. ## Notes It is generally better to compare dates and times using -Filter and relative comparisons. 11 NVIDIA NVENC technology is now part of VDA and supports even multiple monitors. However, the Controller or Cloud Connector must prove its identity to the VDA. Now the engineer wants to check the number of registered service instances with the directory. 11 Proof of Concept Installation and Configuration using Windows Server 2016 and NVIDIA GRID K2 GPU Cards! Hi all, My company is delivering DaaS and we made the jump from VDI-in-a-Box to XD 7. 1Y0-311. internal (IP Address 10. I would at first check the Citrix Broker service (try to restart it if it’s running) and then reboot the VDA if it is still showing unregistered. - Make sure the Firewall is turned off after joining to the domain. 20). 6 LTSR 1Y0-202 Exam Questions with VCE and PDF for Free Download from PassLeader (Question 181 – Question 200) - Ensure time is in sync between the VDA an the Controller - Ensure firewall port TCP/80 is open between VDA and the Controller - Turn on logging by modifying WorkstationAgent. Citrix) I compared our DNS suffix between the unregistered host and one that was working the ONLY thing that was different was the However, when I 'Stop' the Citrix Desktop Service the Application event log gives up a few more details: Event ID 1003 - Citrix Desktop Service The Citrix Desktop Service failed to initialize communication services required for interaction between this machine and delivery controllers. 2. I was recently working on some PVS image issues where the Admin shares stopped working. As we near the point where we can dole out VDI VMs to users, one of the last steps is to create a catalog of VMs. 6 Solutions (Exam 1) with all his questions and metadata Scenario: A Citrix Engineer is troubleshooting a database-related issue in a XenDesktop Site. Each zone contains a single Delivery Controller. The registration was refused due to ‘SingleMultiSessionMismatch’. When a VDA for Server OS is unregistered or the Citrix Desktop Service is disabled, even domain administrators cannot log on to that VDA through a Remote Desktop (RDP) connection. 2017-10-19. XenApp 7. Monitor for unregistered desktops, or let the monitoring tools do it for you. A Citrix Administrator will use PowerShell to configure a new restart schedule for the Windows 2016 Server OS group named "Win2016-ServerOS" within the company's XenDesktop infrastructure. citrix. See about_Broker_Filtering and the examples in this topic for more information. Virtual Delivery Agent (VDA) standalone package Release Date: Dec 18, 2014 This type of package provides administrators with an alternative method for deploying the XenDesktop/XenApp 7. 5/XenDesktop 5. 13 Click Finish, and the VDA will restart to complete the installation. After the machine has been running for a period of time, the clock will adjust, domain authentication will succeed, and machine policies will apply (assuming background processing of Group Policy is enabled in your domain) but it is the period immediately after a restart which can be problematic and cause unusual behavior and outright service Scenario: A Citrix Engineer is troubleshooting a database-related issue in a XenDesktop Site. 5. 3 Jul 2019 So connect the Virtual Apps and Desktop 7 – 1811 iso and start the Component selection. Citrix offers some good troubleshooting tools. 5 SP1 with latest hotfix when added to delivery group the state of VDA remains as UNREGISTERED / INITIALIZE in studio console all of a sudden when it was working for some time. After successfully adding the machine, my W8 VM was showing up Unregistered. com. 6 Leave a comment on Hotfix for Citrix XenDesktop 5. Citrix VDA Servers get Unregistered from Delivery Controllers Intermittently after upgrade to Xendesktop 7. When the provider is loaded, it creates the LocalGpo and LocalFarmGpo drives to refer to the local Windows policy and any Citrix policy that is applied to the XenApp farm where the server is a member. So back to the Delivery Controller. Oh – the VDA is still unregistered with a “!” in front of the Status. Dès qu'une modification C:\Program Files\Citrix\Broker\Service\BrokerService. I have a unique issue were a newly captured vdisk with PVS 7. Installing and Configuring Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop 7. Citrix XenDesktop VDI and What It Means To You; Configuring Citrix Access Gateway (CAG) VPX 5. The environment has already been configured to provide external access through a NetScaler Gateway, but all other configurations are set to default. The company, product and service names used in this web site are for identification This could lead to resource constraint on the healthy VDAs and slow their response times, or even more critically, lead to denial of service. 15 Advanced Administration Exam Practice Test Questions and Answers. PracticeTest. The Citrix Desktop Service is attempting registration with the delivery controller too rapidly. Most likely, the Citrix Powershell snapin isn't loaded. The ListOfDDCs on a VDA contains DNS entries that point that VDA to Controllers or Cloud Connectors on the site. 1. D. During an unexpected outage, the Delivery Controller in the Primary Zone went offline and did NOT resume. Check the event logs on the Delivery Controller for any errors. – Store the cert in the local machine cert store. 7, Provisioning Services 7. The Script: Gracefully Shut Down all VMs on a Given Set of Hosts (VMware/XenDesktop) Cleanly shutting down all virtual machines on a given set of hosts is not as trivial as it might seem – especially if you want to be able to restore the original state once the planned maintenance you are doing this for is completed. exe for the VDA which should fix the problem. v1-0. Second: The line 23 Cmdlet Get-Service maybe failing due to line Get- BrokerDesktop -RegistrationState Unregistered | Select MachineName. D – if the VDA was configured to point only to the delivery controller that failed, yes it can take some time to detect it as available again. If you have the same problem contact Citrix Support and ask for private LC6766. lab. The Citrix Desktop service communicates directly with the Broker service over at the Delivery Controller and, as highlighted earlier, takes care of the initial VDA registration process through the Connection Brokering Protocol (CBP), which is a collection of WCF (Windows Communication Foundation) end points defined Virtual Delivery Agent (VDA) standalone package Release Date: Dec 18, 2014 This type of package provides administrators with an alternative method for deploying the XenDesktop/XenApp 7. k. 15 LTSR Advanced Administration is the full name of 1Y0-311 test. Update the license policy in Citrix Studio. Author Jack Posted on July 1, 2012 Categories XenDesktop Tags Broker service, Citrix, CTX133575, CTX133576, Hotfix, XD 5. jhmeier. So I did it again and took the “HealthCheck framework” to build a new version which combines the Power of the Citrix PS-Snappins for XenDesktop/XenApp and the HTML-Output-Script of the existing HealthCheck Scripts. Citrix has its own Policies. x by Stan Czerno September 2, 2017 16:57 CST Because of this, the shared storage and other servers automatically shutdown due to high heat conditions, which had an adverse affect on many VMs. On March 26, 2014, Citrix puts XenApp back on the market with the release of Citrix XenApp 7. Warning Event ID 1012. Knowledge of how the following Windows components integrate with Citrix technologies Knowledge of Microsoft Windows Operating Systems Scenario: A Citrix Engineer wants to secure the Virtual Delivery Agent (VDA) communication by enabling end-to end encryption within an existing XenApp and XenDesktop environment. 15 CU2 (It happened again. This article describes how to enable Virtual Desktop Agent VDA Logging for Citrix XenDesktop. Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop Administration 7. 1 and SSL VDA stays Unregistered at XenDesktop Controller Posted on 2014-08-5 by Björn Bekkouche The Virtual Desktop Agent (VDA) have an option during installation where you have to point out the XenDesktop Controllers by hostname, IP address or just by pointing out the XenDesktop Farm. . To try and fix one issue with Citrix Xendesktop 7. ctx'. 14 Now perform the same procedure on Win10VDI01. 52q. I hope Citrix (#Citrix) takes note of this major issue . The details of the four most recent event log entries are: You may have noticed some important changes as we work to unify our product portfolio; you will continue to see changes through the rest of 2018. Getting information on the process to follow was not easy and, as usual, the Citrix documentation was sorely lacking The Citrix Policy provider lets you examine, edit, clear, and copy policies and policy settings that are stored in any GPO. With that out of the way I turn to the application event log, looking for entries with the source Citrix Desktop Service. Event ID: 7000. Testking. 2. 15 CU2. Description of quiz 1Y0-301 Deploying Citrix XenDesktop 7. Restart all desktops and wait until all the desktops report as Unregistered. Citrix VDA is used to deliver applications and desktops from Windows desktop OS or Server OS -based machines. Examples EXAMPLE 1 I wrote previously about automating the creation of an MCS-based machine catalog in XenDesktop with PowerShell, so in this article I’ll cover updating that machine catalog via PowerShell. 6 - Delivery Controller unregistered machine Pour être synthétique, le VDA prend beaucoup de temps à s'enregistrer. Voilà, lets try to logon to vCenter with local service account used in  14 Sep 2016 Citrix have released a new version of Citrix XenDesktop 7. csv file with the names of the impacted servers for historical purposes, and send an email notification out For security reasons, you cannot use a network load balancer, such as Citrix ADC. vcex - Free Citrix Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop 7. I start the service, run the Citrix XDPing tool command again and everything looks good now. Application: Citrix Desktop Service: VDA Server: 1017: The Citrix Desktop Service failed to register with any delivery controller Unregistred VDA [Hyper-V, Multi For a 32-bit VDA: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Citrix\VirtualDesktopAgent\ListOfSIDs And that's exactly the same about the From a VDA point of view it takes care of all communication to and from the Delivery Controller. A Citrix Engineer must ensure that evaluation licenses are replaced with XenDesktop Enterprise licenses already imported to the Citrix License Server. 39q. A value of UnRegistered indicates that registration has not successfully As an experiment, try disabling all firewall software on the virtual desktop and restart it. A. 8. Restart the Broker service if a specific issue is not evident in the logs. VDA blue screens randomly and all changes on standalone VDA are lost after reboot. I have in this article included all new product releases to give you an overview what is released related to XenDesktop & XenApp 7. 5. – Associate the public key of the certificate to the service principal on Azure AD. Citrix XenDesktop & XenApp 7. As you can see the Citrix Desktop Service is stopped and this is properly why the server is not registering. The concurrent_state. Unregistered: Soft Registered Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop 7. So check if your devices supports this. BrokerAgent. On your Virtual Desktop, create directory c:\XDLogs. This version of XenApp does not use the Independent Management Architecture (IMA) anymore like in previous versions but use the same FlexCast Management Architecture that XenDesktop use. B. 15 Administration", also known as 1Y0-203 exam, is a Citrix Certification. This was crucial for us for several reasons including utilizing AV scans as well as monitoring solutions such as ControlUP which is a great utility for monitoring your XenApp infrastructure. Trouble Shooting Procedure: - From the VM launch services. Scenario: A Citrix Engineer wants to secure the Virtual Delivery Agent (VDA) communication by enabling end-to-end encryption within an existing XenApp and XenDesktop environment. Citrix Director Citrix helpdesk/support console for monitoring and controlling XenDesktop VDAs. citrix24. One of those errors was that my Windows 7 machine wasn’t registering with the Dedicated Desktop Controller (DDC). There are a lot of questions about how-to register the VDA to the desired DDC or DDC’s. 6 solution. When a XenDesktop VDA is unregistered the first thing I do is check if the VM is actually turned on. Login to the server and mount the Citrix XenDesktop 7. 6. ) The VDA finds a Controller or Connector by checking a list called the ListofDDCs. The Citrix X1 Mouse works with both iPad and iPhone, but it only supports Bluetooth 4. The environment Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop 7-15 Advanced Administration Exam. Everyone working with Citrix environments know the criticality of the VDA machines, a simple way to know your health, will be monitoring with Centreon. I just wrote this PowerShell script that queries the delivery controller for the actual state of registration on every XenApp server to see if it’s stuck Initializing, restart the Citrix Desktop Service on the impacted servers, log a . How to Change the Virtual Desktop Agent (VDA) Registration Port in XenDesktop 5 for Desktop Delivery Controller and Virtual Desktop Agent Created On: Jun 23, 2011 / Updated On: Jan 2, 2013 Citrix Desktop Service: VDA Server: 1014: The Citrix Desktop Service lost contact with the Citrix Desktop Delivery Controller Service on server 'xd01. This usually tells you what the problem is. Login to one of the machines that is not registering, and restart the "Citrix Desktop Service" service. 15 CU2 By sukhdeepblogs • October 22, 2018 It happened again. When a desktop or server VDA has failed, or is simply not online, depending on the workload type, Citrix Delivery Controllers may try and power them on after discovering that they are unregistered. msc and restart the Citrix Desktop Service - Check in Event viewer for errors. Only difference is that you will install Desktop OS VDA this time around. 6 VDA becomes unregistered periodically and need to restart the Citrix Desktop Service EventID: 1024. 12 ISO File. Unregistered VDA (self. 12 (not the new tagged based rebooting) did not work any longer. This article describes how to Troubleshoot VDA Registration in XenApp and XenDesktop. – Grant access to the certificate’s private key to Network User. 1 Sep 2017 What the script does is check for any unregistered VMs that are not in the script attempts to restart, or start, the Citrix VDA Services on the VM. Otherwise, attach the VDA VHD to another computer, open the System hive, make registry changes noted in CTX article and then detach the VHD. Duh~~ For those who were Scenario: A Citrix Engineer maintains a multi-zone XenDesktop infrastructure with two Virtual Delivery Agent (VDA) machines located in the Primary Zone and two VDAs in the Satellite Zone. "Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop 7. Introduction. 1Y0-311 File: Citrix. Restart the License service B. Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop 7. citrix vda unregistered restart service

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